Reverse logistics

Reverse logistics:

After-sales-services and the management of reverse logistics flows are no longer an after-thought in most companies’ sales strategy. In today’s world, consumers share their experience on the internet; your proficiency in handling service events impacts your brand’s reputation. We would like to help you deliver a positive end-user experience.

Likewise, while most electronic products have a relatively short lifecycle, value may still be recovered from defective units, and potentially re-injected in the supply chain, if your infrastructure is in place to harvest it.

Management and processing of “Client Authorized” return shipments from Retailers and Distributers for which credit will be given. The returned products will follow a check and refurbishment process to be qualified for re-sales / re-marketing, and data from the returned goods will be captured with the objective to reduce and control the credits back to distributors and retailers.

We specialize in reverse logistics services and believe we can address your needs through:

”Coupled flow” management:

Your customers expect their unit to be repaired and returned without delay, but replacement / swap-out is not always an option (for customized products for example). In this case we offer the following service models:

  • PUR – Pick Up, Repair, Return: The unit is collected at your customer’s location, shipped to our repair centre, repaire and returned.
  • PPUR – Packing out, Pick Up, Repair, Return: We ship a packaging box prior to collection, you inform us when to pick up the unit, and follow the same process as PUR.

”Decoupled flow” management:

Time is of the essence. Your customer expects to be ‘up and running’ as soon as possible.  In this case providing a replacement unit may be the best option. This relies on a central stocking location that can distribute new or repaired units. Your requirements regarding the handling of the defective unit conditions which model we propose:

  • Replacement: You may not wish to recover the defective unit. This could happen if the reverse logistics costs exceed the recoverable value from the unit. We can ship new units to order to any destination.
  • Swap out: We ship a replacement unit to your customer upon receipt of the defective unit. We can organize transportation for collection and delivery, and integrate our processes with your call centre if required.
  • AEU – Advanced Exchange Unit:  A replacement unit is shipped with a re-usable box, and a swap is performed by the carrier (new unit against defective) at collection point. The defective unit is packaged by the carrier and shipped back to our repair centre to feed the central repaired stock.



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