Forward logistics

Do you need to distribute your products in a geography but don’t want to invest in a distribution network? Do you wish to customize your products to order just before shipping to reduce inventory-holding costs? Do you want to de-risk you supply chain and implement a vendor managed inventory program? Do you deal with retailer’s distribution centers, or do you ship direct to consumers? For all these questions, we can provide solutions.

Accessory kitting:

We provide manufacturing sites with accessory supplies in volume. Our planning systems are integrated with theirs, and we deliver accessory kits to match manufacturing output. Our kits are then consolidated and shipped with their finished goods.

This model also supports channel sales of accessories, i.e. accessories are also sold alone via a dedicated distribution network to end customers or retail channels.


Foxconn GSSD provides fulfillment services which consists in keeping non-customized semi-finished products in stock, and performing light manufacturing activities prior to shipment. For example, a game console could be bundled with a selection of games, country specific user manual and power cable.

The fulfillment activity is driven by work orders therefore the process can output a unique customized product to a given customer address, or a batch of standard configured models to a distribution or retail centre.


We provide vendor managed inventory services and have the financial support from our corporation; this means we plan, order, stock and distribute your inventory on your behalf. During the whole process the inventory value can remain under FGSSD ownership until point of delivery.


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