Capabilities and approach

Our service focus:

FGSSD has a wealth of After Market Service experience; our dedicated teams include qualified and certified professionals practicing Six Sigma Lean techniques to deliver the optimized solution for cost, quality and delivery to our customer base.

Our key focus is to deliver; therefore each project follows the Prince 2 Project Management methodology. Prince 2 is a process based method which focuses on business justification, a defined organization structure for the project management team and emphasizes on dividing the project into manageable and controllable stages. FGSSD has Prince 2 trained Project Managers that are dedicated to each assignment.

Light Manufacturing: This service provides the assembly of kits of products accessories, peripherals and documentation sold either internally to Foxconn Manufacturing or to retail channels. FGSSD produces in the region of a million such kits per month.

Repair and Refurbishment services: An experienced technical team executes the full or partial repair of Foxconn and non-Foxconn manufactured components and products, both in or out of warranty.

Spare parts fulfillment : This service delivers the distribution of electronic components to non-Foxconn repair centers. This includes the reverse logistics flows of defective components including collection and repair.

Our approach to Customer relationship management:

We put a dedicated team at your disposal from New Product Introduction, which will follow you products through their life cycles. Each account is lead by an Account Manager which reports directly to the regional Vice-President. The Account Manager will liaise operational activities with the department managers throughout the business which allows us to tailor our services to your needs and ensure we react quickly to change.

Control tower model:

We aim to be close to our customer’s market; therefore we must operate from several locations and have the ability to quickly roll out new infrastructures as required.

To keep administrative costs as low as possible and retain full operational control within one central European location, we have established Pardubice in Czech Republic as our “control center” and pilot all the operational execution of our satellite sites.

This approach allows us to closely monitor customer service metrics while keeping labour costs down by positioning ourselves in lower cost geography.

Leading edge software capabilities:

All our processes are supported by leading edge business applications. In Europe alone, over 100 Information Technology specialists support and develop our systems. Our capabilities include:

  • SAP: The core of our processes which manages Finance, HR, SCM, Engineering etc are centralised within one platform.
  • Shop floor control: We have developed a dedicated SFC application that allows us to trace serial numbers, record component consumption and repair events.
  • End to end units traceability (Etracks): We have developed a traceability tool for defective units that provides the real time status of that unit from collection at the end customer through to in-transit, repair, and return. It is an integrated tool that is linked to our customer’s call centre and our selected carrier.
  • Data exchange: we support various data exchange protocols and will endeavour to match and automate as much as possible your data exchange requirements.

Call centre integration:

We integrate with our customer’s organization as much as required, and can provide upstream services such as call centre support, either by interfacing to your help desk and delivering events execution, or by providing the services ourselves. We have access to staff supporting a wide range of languages.

How else can we help?

What is your vision for the future growth of your business? How can we help you deliver it? Do you still have questions which were not addressed in these pages?

Additional activities you may consider subcontracting could be:

–       Screening services: Do you have a batch of quarantined materials to inspect?

–       Purchasing services: Would you like to use our local team of purchasing specialists to help you source components?

–       Excess and obsolete redistribution: Do you own Excess and Obsolete inventory and look for cost effective ways to disposition it ?


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