Series FGSD Thanks to You! Today: Ondřej Vašák

FGSD_MRC_web-6552Why would you recommend not only one, but two of your friends to work for Foxconn Global Services Division (FGSD)?

Ondřej Vašák: I Value the Atmosphere in Our Small Team

Ondřej Vašák joined Foxconn Global Services Division (FGSD) in April 2014. During the last two years, not only was he promoted, but he also recommended two new colleagues for FGSD, who proved successful in their new jobs. Ondřej’s story shows that recommending new employees – known as the referral program – gives the FGSD staff significant financial benefits and also helps people create teams in a way they want them to be. “What would I like? I want everyone to have a chance to feel the atmosphere our team has. That has been the biggest and most pleasant surprise for me after I joined FGSD,” says Ondřej Vašák, who was recently appointed the role of the Leading Coordinator and Stock Controller.

Ondřej, you started your career at FGSD after a personal recommendation by another employee, is that right?

Yes, exactly. I was recommended by Tomáš Fadrný, who is my neighbour. We would sometimes meet and talk about work. One day he asked me whether I would be interested in a job at FGSD. So I tried it and I am very happy for that.

You started your career at FGSD as a stock controller, who is in charge of inventory taking and writing-off, for example. However, you were promoted recently. What does your new job include?

The position of a coordinator was only set up recently. It is very similar to my previous position, in fact, but it mainly focuses on process management. I supervise activities regarding new projects etc. and make sure they proceed smoothly.

What was your expectation when you joined FGSD? What were positive surprises and were there any negative ones?

I was surprised by virtually everything. The sunny side was that we had a very good team of stock controllers. There were three of us and we were led by our line manager Renata Němcová. The atmosphere is the one in which we are always stimulated to improve things, to come up with new ideas, and all of us in the team are engaged very actively. The negative surprise was the finding that not all other teams work this way. We had people who made an effort to do everything properly and come up with new processes. On the other hand, I could see teams that wanted to stick to the same things so that they would not have to deal with new things. However, I am grateful for the kind of atmosphere we have had.

Why do you think your team worked so well?

It comes from the top. People need to be motivated. They need a feeling that they have some responsibility and others rely on them. If they don’t feel that way, they have no reason to try new things and come up with ideas. For me, it is important to know that things work well. I am a perfectionist and I want things being done properly and in the right way. I don’t like unfinished things or those done sloppily. When a process does not work, I do my best to improve it.

You were among those who joined FGSD after being recommended – and later you recommended two new colleagues. How did it occur to you?

With the first one, the situation was that we were looking for a new stock controller as one of the team members moved to another position. For a long time, we were not able to find a suitable candidate. All of us attended the job interviews, as our line manager Renata said that it would be us who would work with the given person so we should know whether we want them or not. For a long time, we were struggling to find the right person and when we finally did, they could not take the job after all. At that time, I had talked to my mother and she told me about someone, my grandmother’s neighbour’s son. He applied for the interview and we liked him a lot, all of us seemed to be happy so we decided to hire him. And I must say he really proved to be a good employee. He has been here for a year and his contract got prolonged. He is skilful, hard-working and he fits in our team very well – so it has been a good choice.IMG_0993

And that was an impulse to recommend another person?

We are now launching new projects so we are hiring again. An ex schoolmate of mine recently left his job and he was looking for a new one. So I asked him if he would like to come to our company. He listened to what I told him about the job, we invited him for an interview – and then he was also hired. He has been here for two and half months and so far, it has looked very promising because he is self-reliant with his tasks and very skilful.

When you talk to a person who never worked for FGSD, what do they ask you? And what do you answer?

Generally, people know Foxconn as a big company. Naturally, we already know that Foxconn has many business units and some of them are bigger and some smaller – and FGSD is one of those smaller ones. They tend to imagine Foxconn as a big corporation, they expect huge halls and loads of people at the lines etc. However, FGSD works on a much more personal level which I enjoy a lot. So I always explain that we are an independent business unit and they are surprised because they expected us to be a part of a giant organization. These details are quite important for people. In my opinion, the Czechs are generally used to a more individual approach and they do not wish to be a part of a large machinery. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. I believe that for us at FGSD, it is favourable that we are not a large machinery with millions of employees, but a normal company with smaller groups and nice relationships within.

What do you look forward to at FGSD?

I am looking forward to continuing in my new position. So far, I have enjoyed my new job a lot because it is quite different. It is more about organizing and doing things independently. I have to learn a lot, so it is challenging – and I am looking forward to the future development.