Series FGSD Thanks to You! Today: Olga Žabenská and Marek Macháček

MRC rozhovorTeam that pulls together

Dreams are there to be fulfilled. Including a dream job. Who would not be tempted to work in a great team, with new technologies and in a growing industry that has a future?! Olga Žabenská and Marek Macháček joined FGSD’s relatively young Mobile Repair Center (MRC) as repairers in May this year. That is a relatively short time for the novelty to wear off, but long enough to be able to evaluate what they like about their new job.

What made you decide to join FGSD?

O: I needed a job and I found an ad on the internet. It was a new project with a future and that’s what attracted me. I decided I’d try to send a resume. I was invited for an interview and it worked. As part of the interview process I described my experience followed by a test of manual skills. But we weren’t tested on how to repair mobile phones.

M: I quit school for personal reasons and my mom brought me a recruiting poster for the Mobile Repair Center. I have always been interested in mobile technology. And I believe that mobile phones have a future. That’s why it was not a hard decision. I tried it, it worked, and I really enjoy the work.

What are your first impressions so far? What do you enjoy most about the new job?

O: At MRC, there is a super team, I am surrounded by young people, which is really nice. It’s amazing to be at the beginning of something new. Of course, as with any new project which is being launched, there are minor problems from time to time and they have to be resolved. Fortunately, we have an excellent supervisor, who is always happy to help and to advise. So, for me, there are mostly positive impressions so far.

M: I worked at Foxconn previously, in a student job. It was for another division – on a production line each day. But at MRC it is something else completely. Recently, I learned to fix a new model of a smartphone, and there is never a lack of work. Every day is a little different, it is not monotonous as was the case with the student job. It’s very interesting work, and I look forward to other phone models.

What were your expectations? And were they met?

M: I expected it to be like working on a Foxconn production line. But it is different here, more relaxed overall. And, most importantly, it is not a monotonous job.

O: You cannot rush repairs of phones. One must be careful and focused. It is accurate work almost like a watchmaker, and it is much nicer than on a production line.

How do you like your team and colleagues? Can you describe the workplace atmosphere?

M: We have a very good team. It is well mixed – older people together with younger. I am surrounded by very skillful people. There is nobody who would not speak to others, we are all friends.

O: We help each other. When someone needs something, others advise him. The boss is great and he is always available.

FGSD_MRC_web-6552Do you use or intend to use any of the company benefits that FGSD offers?

O: So far I did not get to that. Except of course the canteen (laughs). But otherwise I know we can use the newly opened fitness center. And also they organize events for employees. Christmas is slowly approaching and I know that there’s something being prepared.

M: I have also yet to use the company benefits. There has not been time. But I’m going to.

A final question – would you recommend a job at MRC to others?

O: Certainly! It’s a very interesting job and it has a future.

M: And it is also an international team. There are not only Czechs, we’ve got a few colleagues from Slovakia, one Ukrainian woman and a Belarussian.

O: In short, we are a team that pulls together. So I hope it stays that way!