Series FGSD Thanks to You! Today: Květa Málková

Květa Málková: It is a joy to teach the young something new

IMG_1146What can one be looking forward to when they are going into retirement in a few months? For example to grand-children and one’s own free time. “But I will miss working with people. Maybe I will find some way to continue being useful,” says Květa Málková, a group leader and an employee trainer in Foxconn Global Services Division (FGSD). 

She celebrated her sixtieth birthday this year. Originally she had trained to become a seamstress, but her life journey took another turn. She started at Foxconn in 2003. “Money, convenient transportation, interesting work – we had quite a good time. It was before the crisis. Transportation was arranged, which helped us a lot,” Mrs. Málková says. At present she comes to the FGSD CT Park by car. “We take turns with my colleagues. Every week somebody else takes the wheel and we arrange how to get to work.” She is already used to the eight-hour shifts. “It is work and it has to be done. I have a feeling that the young generation does not see it this way. There are new people coming all the time. I am glad we are still able to teach them something new. It is a nice feeling when you see that young boys and girls learn something new which helps them in their future life. You feel that you are leaving some results behind you,” she adds.

Sometimes it’s a hustle, but it still is an interesting work

Same as many of her co-workers in Foxconn, Mrs. Málková has also worked on different projects during the last eleven years. She started with mobile phones. “It was very nice there – clean space, no dust. We wore caps and light-blue coats. Every two hours there was a break. There was a conveyor belt, so everyone could choose their position. I chose a press, it was a nice, interesting and clean work,” she says. Later she moved into the computer manufacturing division. “They gave us a free choice. If you had a computer at home, you could go to the computer supervision. I did not have a computer at home, but it interested me, so I went there to learn. It was all in English, so I started to learn English as well. It was interesting that we changed places by the conveyor belt from time to time, so I even learned how computers are produced.”

Květa Málková moved into the strategic services division of FGSD in 2007. “Gradually I have learned new things. For example how to pack different things, how to store them, and what and how to scan. I do that to this day. On top of that I am now a group leader, so I have to teach all the new colleagues the same things I have once learned. Sometimes it’s a hustle, but it still is an interesting work

IMG_1104150 people work in FGSD CT Park. The site is a key centre of storing, packing, and component distribution for technological customers. Precision, meticulousness and patience are qualities each FGSD employees should have. “Yes. It is important to be patient and learn to do things properly. And sometimes also make fun of things,” adds Mrs. Málková with a smile.

Her eyes shine when she starts talking about her family. “We have a girl in third grade, and then a two-and-a-half-year-old girl. My daughter also has a three-and-a-half-year-old boy, who keeps telling me that he wants to go to work with me. And the last one is a tiny month-old baby. I think it will be nice to be with them. Although I will miss the people from work. But that’s life,” summarizes Květa Málková.

Author: Cristina Muntean, Integrated Communications Manager, FGSD