FGSD breaks new record in accessory kitting

IMG_1104Foxconn Global Service Division (FGSD), the EMEA arm of Foxconn Global Service Solution Division (Foxconn GSSD), broke a new record at the end of October 2016 in its accessory kitting operations. FGSD produced in October 2016 1.31 million accessory kits or packages with essential components for technology devices. This is a month-on-month (MoM) growth of 7.3% compared to the company last record scored in October 2015.

“We are thrilled by this new record and outstanding success. It is fulfilling to see that our efforts pay off, which leads to outstanding customer satisfaction. I would mainly like to publicly acknowledge and appreciate the dedication of our employees, who made this new achievement possible,” said Pavel Paulus, FGSD operations manager in charge of accessory kitting.

Accessory kitting, is part of the forward logistics operations scope that FGSD offers its strategic technology customers all over the world. An accessory kit includes tools such as printed forms or CD instruction manuals, complementary cables and spare parts or keyboards and mice, which make a third of the total volume of accessories FGSD delivers to end consumers.

“When we buy a piece of technology we often don’t realize that it comes together with a package of goods that enable our device to work. Your laptop can’t function unless it is plugged to electricity via a charger. A printer can’t function properly unless it is connected to a computing device via an installation manual. We are proud to say that, while the device is what the end consumer essentially buys, it is our work that allows people to use their technology devices effectively and at full potential,” Pavel Paulus added.

Accessory kitting is one of the major business lines in FGSD. On top of it the company is also involved in reverse logistics – repairs and refurbishment of a wide scope of technology, from PC mother boards to projectors, video-conference screens and more. Recently FGSD launched a mobile repair center (MRC) focused on the repair and refurbishment of smart phones. The company is also exploring its potential in the field of technology recycling as part of its worldwide strategy of circular economy.