SER Policy

The companies in the Foxconn group are some of the largest manufacturers of information technology in the world. They are aware of the significance of their role on the market and the associated responsibilities they have towards society and their employees. Therefore, together they have created and introduced, to the best of their knowledge and experience, a unified system for the management of labor-law relations, health and safety at work, environmental protection, ethics, and business continuity. The main principles and commitments of the integrated management system of the companies in the Foxconn group are as follows:

  • To abide by employees’ human rights, the designated working hours and rest times, and the payment of wages and bonuses to employees for the work they do in accordance with the law; to respect employees’ rights to freedom of association and dignified treatment and the ban on any form of forced labor, including work by prisoners or child labor. To not tolerate any form of corruption, discrimination, harassment, blackmail, embezzlement, the abuse of information, and cruel and inhumane treatment.
  • To create a safe and healthy working environment, to adopt measures to prevent work injuries and occupational illnesses, to improve employees’ qualifications and their sense of responsibility for the work they perform, and to resolve health and safety matters in the workplace through regular inspections and dealing with suggestions and claims made by employees.
  • To recognize, monitor and minimize or completely eliminate sources of pollution, to maintain and update all permits, to monitor and regulate emissions, stipulate and regulate hazardous substances, abide by designated limits on specific substances in products, and to save energy.
  • To comply with the requirements inherent in social responsibility and commercial success on the market, and to support the highest ethical standards, including: business integrity, the ban on unfair advantage, the provision of information, the protection of intellectual property, correct practices governing trading, advertising and competition, and the protection of personal identity.
  • To support projects and associations which focus primarily on helping the sick and handicapped and organizations providing care and education for young people.
  • To introduce a business continuity management system aimed at avoiding deficits in key services, to create a strategy for reducing the impact of interruptions in supplies of key services, to protect the physical infrastructure and the health of employees and thus protect the interests of all parties connected with the companies in the Foxconn group.
  • To abide by all the national and international legal standards and regulations, the appropriate stipulations of the law and other requirements relating to the activities of the companies in the Foxconn group and any risks and aspects identified (e.g. E.I.C.C., OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, RoHS, REACH, BS 25999).
  • To maintain the awareness of employees and other interested parties includes suppliers of services and materials of the SER policy and also to request that all the principles of this policy are adhered to.
  • To communicate the SER policy to the all business partners, visitors and the public.
  • To regularly identify, assess and monitor risk factors which could have an adverse impact on any aspect of the SER program, and to check preventive and remedial measures adopted to ensure that they adequately minimize the adverse impact of risks.
  • To perform regular inspections at workplaces, to provide employees with training and practical exercises to check that all parts of the system are functional and to reveal any weaknesses in the management system.
  • To regularly review the SER policy and set targets and programs aimed at continuous improvement.
  • To keep management system documentation valid and up to date. i


Jimmy B. Chang

Executive Vice President’ Cl General Manager