HR leader values the most the quality of people relationships in FGSD

Otakar-0228_webFGSD Series Thanks to You!

Otakar Sedláček: What makes FGSD exceptional are its people

Otakar Sedláček has been HR Director at Foxconn Global Services Division (FGSD) since 2014. The company is growing significantly and is currently looking for new colleagues who would grow with it. A new series on our web – Thanks to You! – is created not only to recruit new employees but also to bring practical advice for new candidates, stories of current employees or the insights of people who work in the management of the company.

What led you to establish Thanks to You! series?

We’ve always stood by the fact that people are the most important element of our company. Therefore the section has two purposes – to inform our current colleagues and to show people outside the company how the world of FGSD looks like and how all employees contribute to the company’s growth. Moreover, we would like to offer useful information to potential job applicants, so that they don’t have to be afraid to apply and join us.

What do you plan to achieve with Thanks to You! series in the long term?

One of the fundamental pillars of FGSD, which is also a part of our long-term vision, is to build quality relationships among people in the company. We make sure that we openly communicate within the company, which considerably helps improving work on individual projects.

What do you think employees appreciate the most besides a decent salary?

I think that for my colleagues it is important that somebody listens to them. We offer them a range of options how to let us know what they like, but also what bothers them. Additionally if you treat them with a human approach, your employees can easily accept objective reasons for a certain decision. That is one of the reasons why people stay with us for a long time – we are a great team with a great atmosphere. Why not sharing that with others through our series?!

What are the most common challenges you face during recruiting?

Generally we deal with labor shortage on the local market. It is hard to find employees where unemployment rate is effectively minimal. On the other hand, when we finally have a candidate, he is not prepared to say what kind of work he wants to do – whether he wants to stand or sit, work in shifts or if he wants to work where fine motor skills are important, such as manipulation with small parts, or rather work with large objects, for example in a packing room.